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Anyway, hope you like it! I did my best :. You chewed on your lip the whole way there. Your hands shook as you tried to clutch the wheel, feeling your heart pounding in your chest and your stomach doing somersaults. You thought you might vomit as you approached the gate and punched in the code.

tomorrow, today — A Rough First Time // Min Yoongi

tomorrow, today — A Rough First Time // Min Yoongi

Originally posted by ygnj. You kept your eyes shut tight as your boyfriend of 8 months trailed his mouth and teeth down your neck, leaving galaxies of small, purple and pink marks in his wake, his hands exploring every inch of your half naked body — eliciting small mewls from you as you tensed yourself underneath his weight, bracing your mind and soul for losing your virginity to him. But even at that — you felt extremely nervous but excited at the same time at the new, foreign feeling he would give you with his tongue in between your legs. His touch was gentle but somewhat rough as he stripped you of your clothes, leaning back and having a good look at your naked body, all of your perfections and imperfections laid out before him, the curve of your breasts and the way your soft skin looked in the dim light of the room. You felt like your whole body was on fire with the thought of what would happen after, when you would finally give every last piece of yourself to him.

Safe space for my thirst — Touched for the very first time (Virgin!Reader x...

Pushed two requests into one. Luke seeing you naked for the first time and taking your virginity. You had pushed it off for awhile.
You are moving to study in London and childhood friend Ben opens his flat for you. Ben to the rescue. Thank you, I love you all! We can never get too much virgin reader stuff, right?