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Although pornography in Japan has a long history and is a major business, until recently, the adult video industry did not develop a broad-based set of awards for sales or performance such as the AVN Awards in American pornography. That has changed in recent years, and the two primary awards given at present which are covered in separate articles are the AV Grand Prix for retail and internet videos and the Adult Broadcasting Awards for programs broadcast on Japanese satellite TV. This text is focused on the various earlier Japanese adult video awards given in the period —, none of which are presently active. Some were given only infrequently and many were limited to particular studios or groups of companies. The award ceremonies are always held in January for movies in the previous year.

List of Japanese adult video awards (1991–2008)

List of Japanese adult video awards (–) - Wikipedia

Women often think themselves as the cultural center of the household, acting as the person who maintains order and balance in adherence with Japanese values. They might often feel the need to point out cultural differences between themselves and foreigners or others, which may come off as an insult to some but is their way of preserving their own cultural differences. Many Japanese women today hold the virtue of empowerment dearly, and they feel good by actively contributing to the household in a financial way. Specifically, women manage to exercise great control in the day to day life of the family. Women often are expected to use a more polite and formal style of speech that implies deference and observance of the established hierarchy. And in the field of entertainment, they also look fantastic with their talents and beauty.

The 50 Hottest Japanese AV Idols

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