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Updated: August 6, am. Photo by Mark Reis, The Gazette. This hot spot is surrounded by mountains off Highway , this remote hot springs resort is 8 miles from Ridgway State Park. The pool is a serene, clothing-optional soaking spot beloved by locals and Colorado Springs residents a minute drive away. Photo courtesy: Desert Reef Hot Spring. Steamboat Springs, located about miles northwest of Denver, was named in the s by French fur trappers who thought the mineral springs they heard sounded like a steamboat.

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Travelling is about embracing new experiences. In Japan that can mean leaving your clothes, along with your comfort zone, in a neat pile far behind. Japanese onsens, or communal hot springs, adhere to ancient traditions which include bathing naked. While some visitors find it challenging, the enticements are hard to resist. Hot springs are an enormously pleasurable way to relax — especially after a big day of skiing. They also offer health benefits and an insight into Japanese culture.

Naked, and no one cares! - Hot spring Street Xingyi Road

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Clothing-optional hot springs in California where you can soak nude without a swimsuit. Nudity is common at many public hot springs like Deep Creek. Soaking in your birthday suit can be quite liberating, and some hot springers prefer to participate sans suit. It is important to keep in mind, that if you are not comfortable with nudity then you should avoid certain hot springs.