Spelling words for adults

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Both bees are held annually in Long Beach. Excellent speller? I have always been a fan of competition. Spelling is important to me. In my current profession as an event planner, I have to do a lot of writing and reviewing of press releases. Good spelling and grammar are mandatory.

16-year-old wins 14th annual National Adult Spelling Bee

Hard Spelling Bee Words : Can You Spell These?

If you need spelling help, you're in the right place. Come out from hiding and get the assistance you need to become a better speller! I've gathered a variety of activities and lessons from across this website that are especially suited to adults and older learners. Click the links to find the resources you need most. You'll find full-length printable versions for the lessons on each page. Step-by-Step Lesson for Doubling Final Consonants When you add -ing or -ed to the ends of words like sit, begin or prefer , do you double the final consonant in the base word in the base word, or not?

National Adult Spelling Bee Practice

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