Sex with an aligator shot

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Sex with an alligator contains coconut rum, melon liquor, pineapple juice, raspberry liquor, and Jagermeister. It's sweet and satisfying! In a cocktail shaker full of ice, combine pineapple juice, melon liqueur, and coconut rum. Shake vigorously and strain into a rocks glass. Pour in the raspberry liqueur and let it sink to the bottom, then float the Jagermeister on top. If done correctly, you should have a brown layer on the top and bottom and green in the middle.

Sex with an Alligator

Sex With An Alligator Recipe | How To Make | Cocktail Builder

This is because the only thing weirder than the name of this drink is its color. I think it gets its name from the color of the drink. Sex with an alligator is a layered drink , with a layer of green nestled between two layers of reddish brown. I suppose when you look closely at the colors, you somehow begin to imagine the reptilian king. Whether this is because you already know its name or because the colors look kind of swirly, I have no idea. But it gives that effect all the same.

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