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Petition highlighting failure of Pornhub to protect rape and revenge porn victims has attracted over , signatures. It is free to access, with no age restrictions, and raises revenue through advertising and paid-for promotions by porn producers. Over the past year the company has faced multiple accusations that rape and abuse videos were widely posted on the site. The petition was started by a group called Exodus Cry in the US but is being supported by activists in the UK, where Mindgeek also has offices. Mindgeek — based legally in Luxembourg but with offices in Montreal, London, Nicosia and Los Angeles — denies the allegations made in the petition, insisting that it does have thorough procedures for removing illegal content. Any suggestion otherwise is categorically and factually inaccurate.

Sexual Violence and Rape

Doctor Room: The counsellor helping digital sex crime victims - BBC News

Romance, intrigue and revenge drive this suspenseful, fast-paced drama that takes you all over the globe and keeps you guessing until the end. After Tiller , Artemis Media Ventures and Belle Max Productions, — intimately explores the highly controversial subject of third-trimester abortions in the wake of the assassination of practitioner Dr. George Tiller. The procedure is now performed by only four doctors in the United States, all former colleagues of Dr. Tiller, who risk their lives every day in the name of their unwavering commitment toward their patients. Watch trailer.

Doctor Room: The counsellor helping digital sex crime victims

People with risk factors may be more likely to experience violence. Meanwhile, protective factors can help buffer people from violence. This video will humanize both types of factors by using actors on a stage to show how people can move up or get held back in life, depending on positive or negative impacts. It will ultimately show how increasing what protects people from violence and reducing what puts people at risk for it benefits everyone. The Cardiff Violence Prevention Model provides a way for communities to gain more complete information as to where violence occurs and how to prevent it by forming partnerships between hospitals and law enforcement and others invested in violence prevention.
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