Sex in the 1950s

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You may opt out or contact us anytime. I was a virgin on my wedding night. This is neither a confession nor a brag, simply a statement of fact. It was expected.

Secret recordings reveal the sexual struggles of Fifties Britain

Trends in Premarital Sex in the United States, –

Americans in the early Cold War period were not having good sex, apparently. At this time, many psychiatrists, marriage counselors and gynecologists worried that women were failing to perform in the bedroom. As Dr. William Kroger and Dr. Many women not only experience no pleasure, but actually suffer pain and revulsion [during coitus].

We didn’t even have sex in America in the early 1950s. : Notes on the Foxy Fifties

Sexy seniors, however, know different. A lot. You look at each other with new eyes, feel with new, um, hands. Sex in your forties is about rediscovering your sensual side, being an unselfish lover and revelling in mutual gratification.
The most interesting part of the s is, alas, not a part of the restaurant--a fact that, while regrettable, is certainly understandable. Clergymen condemned it from the pulpit, and family-oriented newspapers thundered editorially that its subtle evil encouraged adultery. It was only toward the end of the s that we began to realize that, as they used to say, sex sells soap, and movies too. Today, of course, the description fits all. They were condoms, and they were sitting out there like toothbrushes or acne medicine for all America to see.