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Hand fetishism [1] or hand partialism or also cheirophilia is the sexual fetish for hands. This may include the sexual attraction to a specific area such as the fingers, palm or nails , or the attraction to a specific action performed by the hands; which may otherwise be considered non-sexual—such as washing or drying dishes. This fetish may manifest itself as a desire to experience physical interaction, or as a source of sexual fantasy. Hand fetishism is recognized by the porn industry; however, aside from handjobs , it is one of the least common fetishes, despite foot fetishism being the most common. A hand fetish is a sexual attraction to the hands. This attraction is most commonly expressed with fingering, handjobs, sucking on the fingers and licking the palms.

'Female Viagra' Gets Thumbs Down From FDA Panel

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Food and Drug Administration panel at a hearing Friday did not recommended approval for a German drug company's pill aimed at premenopausal women distressed by low sexual desire. Pharmaceutical companies have been on an endless quest for an female equivalent to Viagra, which launched in , and many believe that the drug flibanserin holds promise for women who believe they've been left behind. Boehringer Ingelheim came upon the possibilities of flibanserin when it was tested as an antidepressant and yielded some desirable side effects -- it made sex more pleasurable for women and seemed to increase their libido. Boehringer had already begun online promotions with celebrity spokeswoman Lisa Rinna, a former Playboy model and soap opera actress, who says she suffers from female sexual dysfunction. In fact, Boehringer has "quietly persuaded" the Discovery Channel to keep running a documentary about female sexual dysfunction that comes across like advertising for flibanserin, according to a blog on Pharmalot. The film notes in its introduction that the company provided funding for the project. Many existing studies, financed by Boehringer, show that as many as 10 percent of all women live with this disorder.

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Nobody likes to play dentist. We'll play doctor and explorer, lion tamer and naughty student. I'm even up for the odd game of inquisition. But no one I know has ever gotten off on a game of pretend involving dentistry.
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