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By far the most significant event in the history of amateur photography was the introduction of the Kodak 1 camera in Invented and marketed by George Eastman — , a former bank clerk from Rochester, New York, the Kodak was a simple box camera that came loaded with a exposure roll of film. When the roll was finished, the entire machine was sent back to the factory in Rochester, where it was reloaded and returned to the customer while the first roll was being processed. By simplifying the apparatus and even processing the film for the consumer, he made photography accessible to millions of casual amateurs with no particular professional training, technical expertise, or aesthetic credentials.

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Selling stock images is one way that professional photographers earn a living. When I was photographing this goat, his expression reminded me of a funny birthday card. So I purposely left plenty of negative space around him for text. A common definition is this; As a professional photographer, your primary source of income comes from your photography business.

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I am not going to try to pretend that I am the perfect photographer. I am painfully aware of my shortcomings; the aspects of this extremely broad and varied art which still escape me. These are just the things which I see amateurs doing and which get up my nose.
Many amateur photographers quickly lose interest in photography. They can struggle to get started or get easily frustrated. This is especially true for those who make the leap to DSLR s. Digital SLRs are very popular these days, but most people seem to be unaware of the effort it takes to master photography.