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My Senior year in High School turned out to be much better than I had ever hoped. I was one of the older kids in my grade as I turned 18 during the summer before my Senior year. I have always had an attraction to older woman and this was before the term MILF was ever coined. This is my story of two teachers I had my final year in school.

Co-teacher is Horny

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Certain details have been changed so that this reads more like an actual story and less like a diary entry. If you enjoy this then please comment and or vote. I had graduated high school about 5 years ago now. I was working in the city and living with my best friend John. We were both 24 and single and with the entire city to play in the skies were the limit. With a relieved sigh, I put aside the last of the freshman essays, happy to finally be done with them.

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It starts at Church, my naughty confession I am Britney, I am 18 years old in my final year of high school. I have to a confession that I have to do before i enter College soon. Lisa Neasham is a British secondary school english teacher from Newcastle.
For three years, I worked with a woman named Stephanie teaching night school. Every evening, we would teach for an hour and a half, take a break and eat, and then teach for another hour. During those breaks, I got to know her well--she drank a lot, fucked a lot of guys, and seemed to take great pleasure in tormenting them sexually.