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The brilliant and controversial Naked, from director Mike Leigh, stars David Thewlis as Johnny, a charming and eloquent but relentlessly vicious drifter. Rejecting anyone who might care for him, the volcanic Johnny hurls himself around London on a nocturnal odyssey, colliding with a succession of other desperate and dispossessed people and scorching everyone in his path. By Derek Malcolm. By Amy Taubin.

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Naked is a British black comedy drama film written and directed by Mike Leigh and starring David Thewlis as Johnny, a loquacious intellectual and conspiracy theorist. The film won several awards, including best director and best actor at Cannes. Naked marked a new career high for Leigh as a director and made the then-unknown Thewlis an internationally recognised star. In an alleyway of the UK city of Manchester , Johnny Fletcher engages in questionably consensual sex with a woman. He seeks refuge at the home of his former Manchester girlfriend Louise. Louise is not happy to see her ex.

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It is a remake of the Swedish film Naken. The film was released on Netflix on August 11, Substitute teacher Rob Anderson is offered a full-time teaching job, but is reluctant to make that long-term commitment.