My boyfriend the sex tourist

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Crime Documentary. Acclaimed director Monica Garnsey takes us to the other side of the sex industry, through the eyes of working girls. A village in Kranuan, in the poorest province of Thailand, is dotted with grand houses — often built by girls who have married foreigners, or at least worked long enough in the sex bars of Bangkok. The village has an annual competition celebrating the best foreign husband — and one of its most influential women runs the internet cafe, writing emails for girls to communicate with their foreign lovers.

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My Boyfriend The Sex Tourist - Real Stories - Dailymotion Video

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My Boyfriend, the Sex Tourist (2007)

Check out our breakdown of the movies and shows we're excited about this month, including " Lovecraft Country. See our picks list. A look at global sex tourism, focusing on the situation in Venezuela and Thailand.
In a country where President Hugo Chavez rails against the excesses of global capitalism, Western men flock to spend their hard-earned cash on a natural resource more plentiful than oil. The men claim they are seeking companionship as much as sex, they talk about love and marriage, and bring gifts of cheap jewellery and underwear. But for the girls at the resort, could the emotional strain of pretending actually to like their male clients be tougher than a 24 hour stint in a Caracas whore-house? In the second episode we meet the local girls who have long since ceased to rely solely on the rice-crop to feed their families.