Making a woman orgasm video

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The reason for the female orgasm has long eluded scientists. Men need them for reproduction; women don't. So why do female orgasms exist? Scientists studying this issue are divided, said David Puts, a biological anthropologist at Penn State University.

How To Give A Girl An Orgasm And Make Her Cum

It takes minutes to make a woman orgasm – 7 tips to send her wild – The Sun

We caught up with sex expert and Sex Siopa owner Shawna Scott to get the lowdown on the best way to get your kicks. Here's what she had to say. We have an absolute cornucopia of pleasure possibilities in our pants, and yet this reduces our sexual experience down to just one part. Did you know that the clitoris is both an internal and external organ? That pea-sized nub at the top of the vulva is literally just the tip of the iceberg.

It takes 13.41 minutes to make a woman orgasm – 7 tips to send her wild

Learning how to give the girl you like an orgasm , and make her cum hard might be one of the most important things you learn as a man. What you do before having sex is just as important as your actual technique to give her an orgasm. This is because, for women, sex is about more than just physical stimulation. It is about emotion.
The new study shows exactly how long it takes - on average - for a straight woman to reach the point of orgasm - and it's longer than most men might think. While the average bloke takes just six minutes to climax, it turns out women take on average So while Hollywood sex scenes might have actresses writhing in ecstasy in seconds, in the nation's bedrooms proceedings are a bit more leisurely. This revelation comes following a recent study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine last week, which examined the length of time it takes for women to climax.