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There is no doubt that cars are a symbol of status and practicability within the gay and LGBT community. Wrangler may not be the best drive around town. It may not even be the most reliable. But, it does look good cruising down Oxford St packed full of brothers and sisters. Some girls just wanna have fun. MX5 is a perennial favourite with both the girls and the guys.

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He rhapsodizes about his baby: a black Cadillac Eldorado Brougham. Only were built, by hand, in Italy. He would love to add another to his car collection. Muller, 44, who lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, does much of his rhapsodizing at meetings of his car club, of which he is president. There is nothing particularly unusual in any of this, except for one thing -- Mr.

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More information. The GCCG is a UK-based classic car club with around mainly gay and lesbian members who enjoy a common enthusiasm for classic cars of all kinds. We organise events all year round.
Aside from buying a house, buying a car is one the most expensive purchases you make. There are a few things to consider. You need a reliable vehicle and one that meets your driving and cargo needs. And you need a car that matches your personality and style.