Guys and girls havin sex

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It's pretty much assumed that all guys want in bed is boobs and blow jobs. Or do they want a Fifty Shades -style Red Room? At all. See no. That and BJs are best.

How To Be The Kind Of Guy Women Love Having Sex With

Why will guys have sex with almost any girl who offers it whereas the opposite isn't true? - Quora

Begin from the understanding that men may be microwaves but women are crockpots. We may heat up just as often as men, but we do it slowly. We love nuance and feel bored by the plainness of vulgarity — that should come when the mood is set. His brother had said that if he wanted to have sex with his wife he needed to know he wanted this at the very beginning of the day and start laying the groundwork. All day it would be a process of building up to the final act.

27 Guys Reveal the Best Thing a Woman Has Ever Done in Bed

Sex is, after all, a two or three, or four, or more person affair. Thankfully,there are plenty of sex tips to make it delightful for everyone involved. The majority of the tips focus on the moments before and after sex, and with the goal of strengthening communication between sex partners. From ensuring consent before and during sex, to experimenting with toys and lubes, here are the best sex tips to make sure things are great for everyone:.
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