Google earth sex

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The Google Maps Street View car caught the raunchy couple in a very uncompromising position. An eagle-eyed Google Maps user believes he has spotted a raunchy couple getting down and dirty on a rural mountainous road. The couple have yet to be identified, and it is unknown whether they are aware of their exposure by the Google vehicle. It is not the first time people have been caught in awkward scenarios by Google Maps Street View cameras. A bloke was hilariously caught out flashing a glance at a stunning woman as he cycled down the street.

Google Maps users spot naked couple getting it on at the side of the road in Taiwan

Google Maps spots naked couple 'having sex on car' - Daily Star

After couple are caught 'having sex' at side of road Mirror. A randy couple have been caught on Google Street View camera 'having sex' at the side of a road. Perhaps the pair needed something to relieve the boredom of a long drive in the Australian outback? In the picture, which has been censored by Google , the woman can be seen bent over the silver Sedan bonnet enjoying some 'dingo-style' sex. A message posted on Reddit by 'benxology' claimed the couple was "me and my missus".

Sideroad Sex

An image of a couple getting amorous on a car might shock the average street maps viewer looking for an address. Unfortunately for the couple, their public display of affection has been caught by a Google car and is immortalised forever. The couple have found a novel way to enjoy the good weather, as the woman leans over the car, with her partner stood behind her. The image of a balcony shows a bizarre creature, or a frightening monster standing on a balcony. The image is likely to have been a statue, but Google Maps now appears to have blurred out the image.
The completely naked couple appear to be romping against a parked car at the side of the road in Taiwan. The steamy snaps, taken by the side of the Shantian Road in Taichung, appear to show a completely naked man with his arms wrapped around a nude woman, as the pair lean in for a kiss. They appear to be going at it at the side of the mountain road, with no attempt to hide as they romp out in the open.