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But then, as my most recent actually not that recent posts suggest, things were already getting pretty damped down on the BDSM front anyway. And what the lockdown seems to have done is move me further into a quieter space with my partner. As my vanilla boyf. No chance there, though. It seems the last time he put in an appearance on Chaturbate was a year ago.

A Master's and His Slaves View of Slavery

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Friday, September 4, Slave when he was a Freshman Over the past two days, Master has trained a slave he has had for over 4 years. I first met Jared when he was just beginning University. Good Puppy For the first year he loved puppy play, and was a very enthusiastic puppy indeed.

A 24/7 Gay Slave

Visit CAM4. In BDSM, Master slave is a relationship in which one individual serves another in an authority-exchange structured relationship. The participants may be of any gender or sexual orientation. A master must be able to inspire confidence in others because he knows what they want.
Depending on the context, this may have been presented as a bad thing i. On one hand, this may seem counter-intuitive. Why would the submissive subject in a scene be the one in control? Looked at another way, however, topping from the bottom is perfectly natural. After all, the bottom is the one who is acted upon during a session — if not an entirely passive participant, they are at the very least the ones who things are done to rather than the one doing things to others.