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Jason wakes up inside Hoyt's office; the man himself is there, casually smoking a cigar, while Vaas stays on guard. This happens a while before Jason gets to see Riley, meaning Vaas had finally got to him, and decided to bring him to Hoyt himself; Please read the warnings, and enjoy! Warnings: Extreme character torture, violence, drug-use, language, and slight sexual themes. He feels his aching body stir continuously, until he finally snap opens his eyes and realizes where he is. The american jumps up with his ass in the cushions of the leather upholstered lounge couch, and the very first thing his eyes recognize is Vaas standing with his back against the front door, and his hands tucked away in his pockets staring right back. The room was grey and dreary.

Far Cry 3: Twisted Series Chapter 1: If Vaas Killed Jason, a far cry fanfic | FanFiction

Absolutely nothing. The characters, the original plot, the setting, the cover image, nothing. All of it belongs to its respectful owners. Nothing at all is owned by me. Especially Vaas. Also, read at your own risk.

After Brody found out the Daisy was safe. He thought about a lot of thinks. One of the things going through his mind is how the hell all this happened.
Did they make it back and return to their daily lives as if nothing happened? I don't think so…. You with us? He already suspected what the answer would be, but that didn't mean that he'll stop trying. Liza perked up at the question, her gaze turned towards Jason with a flicker of hope in her eyes, but she dared not to speak up.