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Mai is a minion of Emperor Pilaf, a bungling villain who tries and fails numerous times to gather the dragonballs, only to be thwarted by Son Goku and his friends. When Pilaf's crew manage to successfully summon the dragon, Pilaf wishes for youth. This turns Pilaf's gang - Mai included - into pre-teens. In Battle of Gods , they try to gather the dragonballs again, this time at Bulma 's house. When Trunks catches them, he's too distracted by Mai to stop them from stealing a dragonball and running away. Trunks catches them later on and asks Mai to pretend to be his girlfriend to impress everyone.

Mai (Dragon Ball)

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She is a spy and treasure hunter, who works alongside her partner, a ninja dog named Shu. Of the three villains, Mai is the most competent, showing skill in computers, gadgetry, and gunwielding. Mai's main goal is to gather Dragon Balls for Emperor Pilaf, so that he may wish to rule the world. While her companions seem more cartoonish and goofy, one being a dopey fox in traditional ninja garb, and the other a squat and cute little blue imp dressed in Chinese imperial robes, Mai has a more serious and intimidating appearance, tall, beautiful and stern, with long black hair, and dressed in a blue sometimes green military trench coat with a Soviet style red star insignia on each shoulder, green cargo pants, and brown boots. She wears a brown belt and a pistol holster for her weapon. She wears red eye shadow and lipstick, sometimes missing the lipstick.

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Alongside companions Pilaf and Shu, Mai was brought back into the supporting cast with Battle of Gods. Taking into consideration how infrequently Mai appears and the odd roles she fills, Dragon Ball fans missed quite a lot about the former villain. In the manga, Mai and the Pilaf gang are only introduced at the end of the arc, simply serving as the final villains. Even beyond this first arc, however, Mai only appears twice more in the manga in the Red Ribbon Army and Demon King Piccolo arcs, whereas the anime peppers in even more filler for the Pilaf gang, periodically reminding viewers that Mai and her cohorts exist. Although Mai may not be as prevalent in the manga as fans of the anime may have otherwise thought, she does still have an important role to play during the first story arc.
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