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It was September when a letter from the Manhattan Beach Police Department to parents of the McMartin preschool sent shockwaves through the community. They would eventually be charged with 65 counts of child molestation of the preschool students. The trial would become what many claim to be the longest, most-expensive criminal trial in U. Key McFarlane, the director of CII at the time, examined and videotaped approximately children using anatomically correct dolls. The CII investigation methods, such as its suggestive and leading questions to children and its use of dolls, would eventually be discredited. Did you speak to them when it was over?


Woman Testifies That She Had Sex With Ray Buckey - Los Angeles Times

The body of the woman whose complaint began the McMartin preschool molestation case was found in her home on Friday, and the police today began investigating the circumstances of her death. The woman, Judy Johnson, 42 years old, whose mental stability has been the focus of a pretrial hearing going on in Superior Court here, was found dead Friday afternoon in her home in the affluent, seaside community of Manhattan Beach. The authorities performed an autopsy, but said further toxicological and neurological tests were needed to determine the cause of death. She had been identified in court as Judy J. She had been living alone and, the police said, neighbors became concerned when days passed without their seeing her. One neighbor called the police, who found the body at P.

McMartin preschool trial

Redirecting to: www. Close this pop-up window to remain on this page. I didn't want my parents to know that I wasn't attending classes. Did you ever see anything like that at the preschool?
She said that only a week after she was questioned about Buckey, she married her third husband. Goles said she had earlier told her fiance, after they watched news of the case on television, that she knew the family and had spent a Thanksgiving vacation at their Manhattan Beach home in However, she said, she lied to her fiance about her affair with Buckey. The defense had been expected to rest its case Monday, and Goles had been subpoenaed by the prosecution as its first rebuttal witness.