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Kaoruko Awata, known by the hero name Bubble Girl, made it into the series after winning a character design contest. She hasn't had much screentime, but already her revealing costume and role in a certain scene have brewed up some controversy in the anime's notorious fanbase. After she won a fan contest, it was confirmed that she would be included in Kohei Horikoshi's manga. Bubble Girl is a young woman with dark-blue hair and light-blue skin, and a fairly skimpy costume.


Kaoruko Awata: Why My Hero Academia's Fan-Made Bubble Girl Is Controversial

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She worked at Sir Nighteye 's hero office as a sidekick along with Centipeder , until Sir Nighteye passed away. She still works at the same office, just as one of Centipeder's, the new boss, sidekicks. Kaoruko is a fairly well-built young woman with a rather slim build, her skin light blue in color.
Her body is also supposed to be translucent like a bubble as illustrated in the original art, but I guess Horikoshi went for an opaque blue skin instead. Keep reading. Feared by UA students.