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Vintage erotic renaissance portrait of Susannah and the Elders by Bernardo Luini. Date printed: Condition: mint. Mount: ivory, to fit frame size 16 x Type of print: gravure, printed on heavy matt paper.

Antique Erotica

Vintage Erotica

Years ago, Maite Zubiaurre stepped into an antique shop in Madrid and came across a photo album full of erotic and pornographic imagery from the early s. After all, these were the roaring 20s all over Europe and the United States, and beyond—what happened to all the vibrant social and cultural innovations that were taking the Western world by assault, particularly in the realm of sexuality and Eros? Did sexology and psychoanalysis , for example, cross the barrier of the Pyrenees? The wealth of materials that Zubiaurre amassed—which includes erotic magazines, photographs, illustrations, postcards, short films, and novelettes, as well as texts on nudism and sexology—is collected in her book , Cultures of the Erotic in Spain, , and its accompanying website. Cover of the erotic magazine Muchas Gracias, Sure enough, anxiety-ridden misogyny is quick to counterattack, and resorts to the usual tactics, namely, to try to disempower women by turning them into sex objects, and cyclists and typists into whores. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content.

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Warning: This article contains some serious nudity and is probably not appropriate for work. X is an amateur and yet so professional by the quality of his images," French collector Alexandre Dupouy explained to the Huffington Post. Obsessional yet attaining a rare degree of complicity with his models. The nameless bookseller contacted Dupouy, who acquired the images and agreed to keep the photographer's identity anonymous.