Adult diaper change tumblr

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If you mess yourself in your sleep…. Well guys…you asked for it…and I promised…and I was not a happy girl in this video!!! You guys were so unfair!!! Double diapered….

Crinkle Crinkle.

Summer Time Little

Diapers will be used for everything restroom related; no exceptions. Regular checks will be performed anytime and anywhere. Mommy will try to be discrete if possible, but checks will be performed regularly and you must allow for your diaper to be inspected immediately when requested to do so. Diaper checks and changes are performed at mommy's convenience and they cannot be prevented by baby for any reason. Crying is an acceptable method to convey that you need a fresh diaper. Directly asking with adult words for a change is strictly forbidden. Anything covering your diaper is forbidden unless permission is given by mommy.

Incontinent Diaper Lover

Hubbys wetting issues are getting worse; just last night he had a full bedwetting accident and tried to hide it. We go way back. Clueless old Dad never understood anything.
You had been so excited when your wife said you could use what was in the bathroom to go potty. Finally, after three months in diapers and chastity, she was going to let you use the toilet! It did.