Gay furry comics u18chan

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UChan is a mature furry imageboard hosted in Europe. Its name comes from a German submarine from the First World War. The lounge board is a board for general chatting and random threads, while the discussion board is for discussions, debates or arguments. The most popular of the furry boards was Gay Furry Comics , with double the number of threads of any other board. The Indices section is simply links to the Catalogues of the first five boards in Furry Related. The second and current mascot, a sergal in SS uniform , was drawn by Yuuri and then named Valkyria through a competition held by Jay.

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Animation - Wolf and fox - by h0rs3. If you are unsure of how to report a post, I'd suggest reading through the whole of the UChan Guide which can be found under the "Misc" section of the site , but especially the My ultra gay furry comic. U18chan sigmax patreon. Gay Furry I U18chan sigmax patreon U18chan sigmax patreon. More: porn, sigmax, bambi, furry, e , hentai, patreon, sigmax depends where what doing.

Gay furry comics u18chan

Fur Affinity internet s largest online gallery furry, anthro, dragon, brony art work more! U18chan zaush patreon. My name is Meesh, and I used to draw a lot of furry porn comics. I love making them, but I had to stop for a while to finish my last year of art school. After that, it just wasn't financially feasible to continue making comics with my own characters, stories and universes.
That's my policy anyway, and it's not like it matters much, because the content we're looking at here is of the furry variety. Uh huh - not only furries though, gay furries. I'll be honest, I've never been a big fan of mixing animals with pleasure, but I guess if it's all safe and doesn't hurt anyone, there's no problem at all, right? There's quite a big community here with the homepage having posts bumped up within a few hours of each other.