True foot fetish stories

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Discussion in ' Relationships ' started by horobiru , Jul 9, Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. My first time - I was 15, she was 31 Discussion in ' Relationships ' started by horobiru , Jul 9, As this is my first post, I thought I'd make it a good one, so I'm telling the story of my "first time" with a girl- a woman, in fact.

True Foot Fetish Stories

First real foot fetish experience - Trampling - New story at Trample Stories

I never knew I liked the smell of feet until a few weeks ago, I was laying on the floor in front of my mom and I wasnt really doing anything, she was watching tv though. I also loved the fact that my mom was resting her stinky tired feet on my face. She was waking around the house barefoot the whole day so I could feel the dirt and they smelled more then my moms. My aunt smelled like mostly feet and some leather. I got to smell her feet the whole night.

Trample Stories

I finally grew the balls to contact a foot goddess to satisfy my foot fetish cravings and let me tell you it was well worth it. When I first met the goddess I was very impressed. She was in her low 20s and had the sweetest sexiest body you could ever imagine. When we first met I was immediately taken upstairs to her room. She was wearing open toed shoes and I was watching her feet as I followed behind her.
By Tiffy Kink When it comes to dating, I am a huge fan of three things: Openness, comfort, and communication. Openness, meaning nothing is off limits to talk about, comfort, meaning both parties in the relationship never feel as though they will be ostracized for having opinions that differ from the other party, and communication, being able to have an open-ended dialogue where we listen to one another not for the sole purpose of reacting to ones words but understanding them and asking one another to clarify ones point and hear each other out. So what does all of this have to do with dating someone who is into feet? How you like it, when you like it, what position you like it in, past experiences, embarrassing sex stories, the greatest sex you had, the worst sex you had, and even fetishes.