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Sisters Ann and Amy did everything together. Ann was two years the senior. At twenty and eighteen years old respectively, they lived in the same flat together, partied together and were totally open about their love lives. Ann had a regular boyfriend in Pete, but Amy had been unlucky in love , just recently splitting up from her boyfriend Ray, and had been moping terribly.

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Sis's Anal Awakening - Incest/Taboo -

It must have been close to am when Sally crept into my room. It was a scent of moist pussy that awoke me. Sally had climbed her naked body onto my bed and positioned herself in a 69 to me. What a refreshing smell.

Tricking My Elder Sister into Anal

It had been a wild night, and morning, but with the coming of the sun, there also came the dread of facing up to what had just happened. I had fucked Alana, my own sister. I had cum on her face. We had pretended to be strangers, but the truth was never forgotten.
This is a pure fictional story. All the characters in this story are fictional whatsoever. My Dad, Mom, Elder sister and me.