Big booty drag queens

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But before you pick your favorites, Cosmopolitan met with the whole cast to get to know them better and found out which queen is extremely obsessed with water, which named themselves after a backpack who says there are no new ideas? How I got my name: I chose it because my first name starts with A and my last name ends with Z. Just like drag and the queer community, it covers both ends of the spectrum, so I wanted to represent that. Dream lip-sync battle: I would love to lip-sync to one of my go-to artists, which is Marilyn Manson.

Big Big Booty, But @CarmenCarrera’s Got A Big Booty

Butt Enhancer For Drag Queens & Transgender - Queerks™

AJ and the Queen is about a drag queen on a cross country tour, toting a year-old with her. And that's great and fine and we'll get to that later in a review of the series. But right now, it's time to get some thirsty questions answered. Primarily: who was that guy caked up in the season finale of the show. Listen, we aren't here to spoil the plot or anything, but to be frank: the butts in RuPaul's new Netflix show are not that great. Someone had to say it!

Top 10 Plus Size RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestants of All Time

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The show has catapulted the drag community far beyond its original expectations, and part of that happens to be the exposure of some amazing plus size queens. So who are the best of the best for the girls who represent for the bigger gals in our world? Here are our personal top Let us know how you feel!