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All language learners benefit from learning English through picture flashcards and playing ESL flashcards games, especially ESL flashcard games for kids, but it is not always easy to think up of new flashcard games for your kids ESL classes. Our ESL flashcards games for kids have an amazing reputation and we write our ESL flashcard games in such a way that TEFL teachers should be able to scan each flashcard game for thirty seconds and will then know what to do and how to play the flashcard game. Here are a few free ESL flashcard games for kids which your children will enjoy playing again and again in their English classes with you! Using flashcards to teach small classes of children can be tricky.

Flashcards in the Classroom: Ten Lesson Ideas

Flashcards in the Classroom: Ten Lesson Ideas – ELT Experiences

Most of us associate flashcards with late-night study drills. Several of these can be adapted for different learning goals and different proficiency levels in other words, not just vocabulary memorization. Here are some different methods for making custom flashcards for your classroom. Index cards are some of my favorite classroom resources. Index cards are also a super go-to when you want every student to have their own set of flashcards.

The Secret Life of ESL Flashcards: How to Transform Them Into Fun Classroom Games

Making your lesson fun and exciting gives your students a chance to enjoy themselves as they learn — and they will always look forward to their next lesson! These activities focus on adding fun and excitement to using flashcards to teach and review vocabulary. Some of them take a bit of time to set up and explain, but it is well worth it and once your students have learned the activity you can play it time and time again. If you need flashcards we have over 1, flashcards in over 80 categories. Tags: ESL games and activities , ESL kids flashcards , flashcard games , flashcards , teaching with flashcards , vocabulary flashcards.
This post may contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Please read our disclosure for more information. ESL Flashcards can be a great way to incorporate some kinesthetic fun into your lesson plans and there is no shortage of great options available for free. We have done the best to compile a diverse group of 25 sets of ESL flashcards broken into the following categories: for children, for adults, for lessons about food and animals, as well as some general vocabulary building lessons that are appropriate for all ages. The possibilities are endless with these flashcards.